Northwood’s Project 100 group grants $ 10,000 for electric vehicle charging stations


Well known for its leadership role in changing automotive industry trends, Northwood University will see two electric vehicle charging stations installed on campus with support from “Project 100”.

Project 100 is a development initiative designed to put power in the hands of donors. A group of 100 alumni, staff and friends of Northwood meets once a semester to review three campus group projects seeking funding. Members each donate $ 100, then collectively decide which project receives funding.

Last week, at its biannual virtual meeting, the group considered three outstanding proposals and ultimately chose to fund the NU Auto charging station project with a prize of $ 10,000. Other proposals were presented by the Esports department and the Fashion Showcase group.

Blake Holland, a senior at Northwood who specializes in automotive marketing and management, said his NU Auto team plans to install a pair of Level 2 chargers in parking lots near the Sloan Family Building and the Bennett Sports Center. Level 2 chargers use a 240-volt power source like ovens and dryers and can charge a typical electric vehicle faster than a Level 1 EV charging station.

According to, there are currently 20 public charging stations in Midland County. Only two of them are free, and only one is a DC fast charger, which works on DC power, unlike level 1 or 2.

“We are extremely excited to implement this new automotive technology at the Northwood campus,” said Holland, who is also COO of the Northwood University International Auto Show. “This project will benefit Northwood students and staff, as well as visitors to the Auto Show and the Midland community. We have not yet chosen a specific charger. We will continue to research which charger will work best for the campus and desired location. “

The final three projects were selected from a range of applications from across the University and narrowed down by the Alumni Governing Board. This group of volunteers provides advice to the Northwood Alumni Department.

“All three groups had amazing presentations, and all were well deserving of the funding,” said Julie Adamczyk, executive director of alumni relations at Northwood University. “However, only one group can win the majority of votes. The NU Auto organization was persistent. They applied for funding in the spring of 2021 and did not hand over the award. So they came back with an improved presentation and won the majority of votes the second time around. Project 100 embodies who we are at Northwood by nurturing entrepreneurship and supporting each other.

Previous projects funded by the group include: Spring 2017 – Fashion Retail Software; Fall 2017 – Student Life – Woody’s Wheels Campus Golf Cart; Spring 2018 – Timby Media Productions Equipment; Fall 2018 – Automotive aftermarket project car; Spring 2019 – Outdoor activities of the alumni network; Fall 2019 – Hospitality Enterprises Food Truck; Spring 2020 – Canceled due to a pandemic; Fall 2020 – Finance Association event; and Spring 2021 – NU Idea Center Podcast Studio.

If you are interested in becoming a member of Northwood’s Project 100 and making an impact on the university and its students, you can find out more and register online at .

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