Windows 10 21H2, How to download ISO from Microsoft’s website without possibly going through a media creation device


Microsoft he launched Windows 10 21H2, updated with functions also considered as Windows 10 November 2021 Update. Not so long ago it also released ISO photos, so you normally have the option of cleaning the facilities in an emergency of any kind.

Windows 10 21H2 It’s certainly not the most important of Microsoft’s runtime technology updates, but if you’re having issues of all kinds, it’s often best to have a drive with you in case of an emergency. The ISO graphic is an accurate copy of a DVD or other type of drive, saved as a single file. Once obtained, it is possible to create a backup copy of its contents on a DVD or bootable drive, with which to perform a cleaning installation or an update of the current method also locally and in digital equipment ( in this case, you can use the locally saved ISO).

the Windows 10 ISO visuals or other methods of execution are very practical, especially if you want to do a deep placement, therefore a clean installation, without having to first put plans or previous configurations made on the process. The most common circumstances: Personal computers severely infected with malware, computer systems whose running system does not start efficiently, or computers that hang up due to problematic setups or difficult to recognize motorists.

Windows 10 21H2, how to get ISO

There are several techniques for download Windows 10 ISO image 21H2, all thanks to formal resources. The most common is to use Media Development Resource, a resource offered by Microsoft through the official Windows 10 purchase page. “Do you want to set up Windows 10 on your computer? “ Should choose Download the resource now then exploit it.

On the Windows 10 setup screen, shortly after following the instructions and agreeing to the license terms, you need to choose Create setup media, such as a USB, DVD, or ISO file to use on others. PC. The tool will take care of everything, allowing you to choose which version of Windows to install on the media and which push to use. In this last possible phase help you save ISO file to your nearby drive, so that you can later use any trip or instrument you want to expand the bootable media to put into the operating program. Once obtained, you will have ISO printing on the generation of your choice.

A trick to download the ISO specifically from the official Microsoft website, bypassing the media generation software.

There is also a trick to getting ISO specifically from Microsoft’s official website without needing to use separate tools.

  • By using Chrome and navigating to the website download page in Windows 10, we can push Ctrl + Shift + I to enter the Growth instruments (from the Chrome menu, Other instruments, then Developer resources).
  • When you have accessed the new monitor, we can push Ctrl + Modify + M make the browser believe that you are using a product like a smartphone or a pill.
  • In the bar at the top of the page, just click Dimensions: responsive later iPad.
  • We decide the page of the website and update the website with F5, Go to Choose version, click on the drop-down menu and choose your preferred Windows version, in this situation Windows 10 sotto Home windows November 10, 2021 Update.
  • we confirm, we decide on the language and we validate one more time.
  • We wait about “a few minutes” for the download to start.

The operating mode download will start instantly on the trip we choose without possibly resorting to media creation software.

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